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Zinc beta

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Endocrine. Mar;45(2) doi: /sx. Epub Aug Zinc and insulin in pancreatic beta-cells. Li YV(1). Author information. Vitam Horm. ; doi: /B Zinc and its transporters, pancreatic β-cells, and insulin metabolism. Huang L(1). As abnormal zinc homeostasis causes diabetes, and because the pancreatic β‐ cell contains the highest zinc content of any known cell type.

In the mammalian pancreas, Zn2+ is essential for the correct processing, storage, secretion, and action of insulin in beta (β)-cells. Insulin is stored inside. Zinc has an important role in normal pancreatic beta cell physiology as it regulates gene transcription, insulin crystallization and secretion, and. Aim To determine if there is a difference in serum zinc concentration between Beta cell function, insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance were.

Special Issue: Recent Insights In The Pancreatic Beta Cell. Zinc transporter 8 ( ZnT8) and b cell function. Howard W. Davidson1,2, Janet M. Wenzlau1, and. Characterization of zinc influx transporters (ZIPs) in pancreatic beta cells: Roles in regulating cytosolic zinc homeostasis and insulin secretion. Characterization of Zinc Influx Transporters (ZIPs) in Pancreatic Beta Cells: Roles in Regulating Cytosolic Zinc Homeostasis and Insulin. Zn2+ ions are essential for a huge range of cellular functions and, in the specialised pancreatic β-cell, for the storage of insulin within the.


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