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Lao letters

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Lao script or Akson Lao is the primary script used to write the Lao language and other minority languages in Laos. It was also used to write the Isan language. Lao is a Tai-Kaidai language spoken mainly in Laos by about 15 million people. diacritics which can appear above, below or around the consonant letters. Reading Lao is similar to reading English in that letters represent phonetic sounds and sentences are read from left to right. If you can already read Thai, Lao is.

The Lao script is a syllabic alphabet, or abugida, that is employed to write the Lao language. Like other Southeast Asian scripts, its deep origin lies in Indian. Online Laotian keyboard to type the Lao characters. Contents. 1. Consonants: introducing the three classes of the Lao consonants. 2. Consonant Sounds: introducing the sound of each consonant of each class. 3.

In these lists the consonants are cited by their "full" names. For example, the letter ກ is called kOO ka#y, the kOO of "chicken". Naming the letters in this way. The Lao alphabet uses a calligraphy derived from that of India and very near to the Thai alphabet (we can find in these two languages, similar ().


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